isOfest 3.0 | 31.12.2020 | 7pm to 1:30am

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Donate. Rave. Repeat.

Greetings... If you've stumbled across ISOFEST for the first time, then a big juicy hello to you. If you're wondering what ISOFEST is all about, we're a bunch of friends who missed playing, listening and dancing to music together, and also wanted to do our bit to support our NHS superheroes, and inspired by the actions of one particular and amazing nurse.


ISOFEST combines those two things - a New Years Eve rave up, hosted on Twitch (open and free to all) and a donation page, where we hope every person that listens will donate the price of a regular club night (£10+) to the NHS, or whatever they can afford.


All of our DJs play for free and don't take a penny, so be a legend and make sure you donate what you can.


Our wonderful DJs will next be spinning tunes on 31st December, 7pm through to 1:30am. Enjoy...




With IOSFEST 3.0 our goal is to raise at least £5,000 for a great cause, so please give generously. We think the price of a regular club night would be an excellent donation, but of course, if you can't afford that, no worries, just give what you can. We're not making a penny from running ISOFEST 3.0 and all proceeds go straight to charity, and specifically amazing nurses doing so much on the NHS front line.

Our Charity: The Cavell Nurses Trust & NURSE N

One of our group lost his dad very recently. It was, as you’d expect, an incredibly tough time, but one made so much better by the contribution of the NHS hospital staff, and one person in particular.

We will call them Nurse N.


They worked 12hr shifts in uncomfortable PPE at our friend’s dad’s side when the current situation meant much of his family couldn’t be, and treated both him and the family, with an empathy, kindness, and level of dignity that gave so much comfort. It’s inescapable that they and their colleagues can never be properly rewarded for what they do; they are incredible people.


Now, what we’d like to do is raise some money directly for Nurse N, but such is the selfless nature of what they do, nurses are not allowed to accept any significant gifts. Instead we think we’ve got the next best thing: we’re going to ask Nurse N to choose a cause to make a donation to in their name for half the amount we raise, and give the rest to the the wonderful Cavell Nurses' Trust, that supports wonderful nurses like Nurse N all over the NHS and beyond.


The actual identity of Nurse N ultimately is not important. They have no idea this is happening, and who they are will never be revealed. But what does matter is the selfless, caring group of people they embody, now more than ever.


All donations are gratefully received, and every penny will go to charity.  And together we hope we can do something that provides Nurse N, who is at the start of their career, with a gesture that they  will remember forever; in the same way our friend and his family will remember the difference they made to his dad.


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We're a bunch of music fans, DJs, producers, makers and lovers of the NHS. Covid-19 brought a halt to socialising, partying and having fun, so ISOFEST is the antidote to that. From a few of us dancing around our laptops to the thousands of you around the world. Donate. Rave. Repeat.

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Our Twitch sets are live and as a result, anything can happen. If you have kids watching, we excuse any profanity on the Twitch chat, but will always keep the video content of our shows very much above board. 

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We encourage you to listen to our music, whether that's live on Twitch or on catchup via Soundcloud. Wherever and however you're listening, be a love and make sure you make a donation to our friends at the NHS. The rough price of a club ticket should do the trick. Nice one.

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